Harness the power of ShareWave, and let your business or services reach thousands of Nigerians at relatively little cost.
Easy Marketing
Do you have a product or service you want to promote? Advertise with ShareWave and reach thousands of users on our social media marketer's networks.
Earn With Us
Do you have active followers? Or you are willing to learn the ropes? Become a marketer and get paid for promoting verified businesses online.
Cost Effective
Starting from as little as N50 per lead, we provide you with a cost efficient way of pushing your business and services to the eyes of willing customers.
Right Audience
Reach the right audience with our targeting tools.
Value for Money
With our advanced algorithm, we are able to detect fraudulent leads, and you don't get charged for it.
Earn from as much as N12,000 - N180,000 monthly, promoting businesses online.
We don't want to bore your followers. With our anti-spam tools, even ads feel social.
Ease of Use
Our 1-click feature makes the job easier.

Building a beloved brand is not simply about the product or service a business sells, but the connections it makes with the people who love and trust it. At ShareWave, we believe there’s nowhere this is more important today than on social media. And we have created an exciting and cost effective way for brands to reach those customers.
About Us
ShareWave is a marketing company. We employ cutting edge technology to social media marketing, and help businesses reach more customers at affordable cost.
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